Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel Mod

Sarah’s Adventure: Time Travel [Mod/Hack]

穿越時空冒險,建立農場,收集並恢復歷史文物!. Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel Mod v1.5.0.2

更新: 20/03/2023
成本: 免費
MOD: 自由

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Suddenly transported to the 19th century, are you able to survive and escape?

Sarah is a young professional at a world-class museum who spends her day…. mostly fetching coffee for people. Not exactly the dream curator career she imagined for herself. While contemplating where everything went wrong, a sudden time portal transports her from downtown New York to 19th century England. Who does she first meet? What will she do?

Will Sarah use her modern wisdom to adapt and start a new life? Or will she find the answer to getting the portal to appear again and return home?

Embark on an incredible adventure through space and time! Explore various locations around the world, clear obstacles, and solve puzzles along the way. Build and decorate your farm house. Complete tasks to restore historical artifacts. Follow an exciting and interactive storyline. Unravel interesting facts about historical figures like Nobel and Van Gogh. Make your mark and change history!

✦DISCOVER an open map with over 100 locations around the world with various landscapes and wonderful graphics. Interact with unique cultures and friendly locals.
✦QUESTS: Complete fun and challenging quests daily or through special events.
✦BUILD and MANAGE your farm through design and renovation.
✦FARM and harvest plants, raise animals, and collect resources on your adventure. Cook recipes, fulfill orders, find treasures, and trade with the traveling merchant.
✦FIND artifacts and treasures. Restore them and showcase them in the museum showroom.
✦SOLVE puzzles during your adventure for rewards.
✦INTERACT with the thrilling storyline’s characters, including historical figures and more!

Download this free adventure & build game NOW, get on a thrilling journey!

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免費下載 Sarah’s Adventure: Time Travel [Mod/Hack] Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (尺寸: 150M) - 版本 發佈於 2022年2月24日. 經過 ZH.VNMOD.NET. 穿越時空冒險,建立農場,收集並恢復歷史文物!. 由開發 Lens Studio. 操作系統要求 4.4 以上版本. 3 歲以上.

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  1. Cat Lip: 好好玩, 推薦.
  2. Lo Fung Sze Linda: Doesn't play this game. All conversion is shown 'AAA'. What mean is 'AAA'?.

下載說明 Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel 適用於 Android, iOS 手機的最新版本

- 下載 Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel mod 安卓手機 apk: 單擊本頁頂部與您手機的操作系統對應的 Android 設備上的下載按鈕! 這裡 ZH.VNMOD.NET 承諾帶上文件下載鏈接 sarahs-adventure-time-travel-mod-hack.apk & 完整的其他版本,來自發布者的最準確 Lens Studio.

- 下載 Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel mod 適用於 iphone ios 手機: 單擊下載按鈕到您的 iphone 然後按照說明下載文件 sarahs-adventure-time-travel-mod-hack.ipa 適用於 iPhone IOS 手機。 不越獄安裝.

- 下載 Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel google play 原版:在安卓設備上點擊下載按鈕,然後繼續點擊按鈕(原谷歌播放鏈接)

- 下載 Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel 應用商店原版:點擊下載按鈕到你的iphone,然後繼續點擊按鈕(原App Store鏈接)

- 下載 Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel 對於計算機 / PC:下載文件之前 ZH.VNMOD.NET, 請“下載用於計算機的android模擬器”下載並安裝,然後下載apk文件 Lens Studio 提供,上傳文件到模擬器並使用.

如何下載和安裝 Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel APK 文件 / IPA MOD

- 如果您不熟悉如何下載遊戲和應用程序模組 ZH.VNMOD.NET 並且不知道如何安裝,您可以按照以下說明進行操作。 這是下載和安裝它的方法 Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel Mod Apk 在安卓上 & Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel Mod Ipa 在 iPhone IOS 上.

- 第一步:點擊文章頂部的“下載”按鈕: Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel Mod

- 第 2 步:按照下載頁面上的分步說明進行操作:

- 第 3 步:轉到存儲文件的位置 sarahs-adventure-time-travel-mod-hack.APK & sarahs-adventure-time-travel-mod-hack.IPA 下載.

- 第 4 步:轉到手機上的設置,然後選擇 -> 應用程序 -> 允許從外部安裝應用程序。

- 第 5 步:按後退按鈕並再次嘗試安裝文件 sarahs-adventure-time-travel-mod-hack 剛下載。 打開它並享受.

* 注意:安裝MOD版本前,必須先卸載原版 Sarahs Adventure: Time Travel 在你的手機上.

Download Sarah’s Adventure: Time Travel [Mod/Hack] [無限資源 Apk + iOS] 150M



操作系統: 4.4 以上版本.
評估: 4.3.
內容評級: 3 歲以上.
安裝: 100,000+.
產品: .
開發商: Lens Studio.
投票: 7,382.
相互影響: 遊戲內購買.
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